Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Soooo, I did it...

And here I am... blogging.  I've thought about this a lot, but never actually got around to doing it!  

I don't actually have anything particularly interesting to say right now - I'm actually sitting in the dark hallway with my laptop on my lap (ahhhh that's where the name came from!  How about the 'top' part then...? )  waiting for my 3 year old to go to sleep.  If I move, he'll get out of bed.   But I'm starving.  And busting to pee.  And my wine is juuuuust out of arms reach.  So yeah, great to time to start my blog!

I can hear the sound of something yummy being unwrapped in the lounge by either my hubby or 6 year old... how cruel!  Don't they know I'm starving?!  Not in the literal sense of the word, I could go for months without food with not even the slightest whisper of actual starvation.. but in the sense of "I've got smoked salmon, capers, pasta and mascarpone waiting for me" (hence the 'no risk of starving').

Okay, the breathing sounds deep and there's been no movement for a good 4 minutes... I think he's sleeping... yay!!  Now it's decision time - pee, food, wine - I'm pretty sure that's the best order... actually - wine, pee, food, wine.  Perfect.

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